John McIntire Dangerously Live Comedy Talk Show
Saturday, June 24

“World Gone Crazy”

John McIntire Returns to The Oaks Theater with an all new Dangerously Live Comedy Talk Show

The John McIntire Dangerously Live Comedy/Talk Show presents – RESISTANCE Comedy/Talk Show-World Gone Crazy. This show is YUGE. Panelists include BRADDOCK MAYOR JOHN FETTERMAN who is literally YUGE. Also FMR PA HOUSE MINORITY LEADER MIKE VEON. Plus the ever wise Dr. Cyril Wecht. What crazy sh*t will happen today? Sometimes laughter is the best resistance. And that I can tell you. Believe me. Bigly.



$17 Auditorium

$20 rear tables

$25  front VIP tables

8pm Saturday June 24th.”